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Thunder & Wind

“Thunder and Wind” is our series of beaded bracelet inspired by the Nippon fine art “Fujin-Raijin-zu”.

At the end of the bustling Hanakata lane, the historical Japanese temple names “Kennin-Ji” is located there with a peaceful atmosphere which greatly contrasted to the lane. The world-famous Nippon art “Fujin-Raijin-Zu” is kept inside. The ultimate ambient of “Zen” between the art piece and the temple shapes the god’s living paradise and presented to every visitor in the temple.

We are influenced by that and we embed this ionic Japanese beauty into our handcrafted bracelet and created the “Thunder and Wind” Series.

“Thunder Drum” and “Wind Bag”

Deep diving into the mood of “Fujin-Raijin-zu”, every details are composited with the Japanese cultural aspect and represent the and beauty of Nippon. We try to put that into our design, considering the God’s post, their facial expression, the clothing they wear, etc. And we finally put the spot on their artifacts (The Thunder Dum and Wing Bag). We selected some special beads to recreate this historical beauty in our bracelets. This is how the “Thunder and Wind” Series born.

Thunder” Series

“Todoro”, “Raimei” and “Raikou” are the beaded bracelets in our “Thunder” Series, which are named in three different forms of the thunder. We selected yellow for the color theme of our “Thunder” Series inspired by the brass like textured frame of “Thunder Drum”. The design of alternated dark and yellow beads is to recreate the shape of “Thunder Drum Ring”.

“Wind” Series


“Gufuu”, “Arashi” and “Hayate” are the beaded bracelets in our “Wind” Series. They are named in diffierent states of wind, respectively mean typhoon, heavy storm and strong uplifting wind. We captured the color scheme of the “Fujin” which is a green monster holding a white giant white bag. A special transparent bead “Yellow rutilated” is selected to emphasise the “White Wind Bag” and to add details to the green themed bracelet.

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