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Handcraft strings and silver items are incorporated in our bracelets production. We recommend the followings to keep your bracelet lasting long.

First, we recommend avoiding continuous contact with water. Excessive moisture can speed up wearing and oxidation of the cotton and silver parts. It is a good practice to take down your bracelet when you wash your hand or take a bath. If you are not wearing the bracelet for long, you may store it back to the bamboo box. The bamboo box is a natural moisture absorber and it helps protecting your bracelet.

Regarding the silver parts maintenance, it is actually a very personal choice. Some collectors are in favour of a vintage-look silver. Such tarnish are called "toning" and add uniqueness to the silver parts. In that case simply clean your silver with dry cloth occasionally.

However, if sometimes black spots / yellowish oxidation occurred, or a new shiny silver tone is intended, simply rub your silver with our silver cloth.

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